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Hi Members,

The bar will be open this week from 4 p.m. everyday except for Sunday when it will open at 12 noon. These times will only change if the weather is very bad. If you need to check contact Justin on bar@swanseatennisandsquashclub.com

In order for the club to open, and remain open, and in line with Government guidelines, the following rules must be adhered to within the clubhouse. It is important to add, that if these rules are not adhered to, then we will have to close the clubhouse again, until further notice.
There is a one way system through the clubhouse, this is highlighted by entry and exit signs on the doors and floor signage also. The entrance is via the main door at the bar and the exit is the single door in the back room.
All members must hand sanitise when entering the clubhouse.
At the bar, please stand behind the 2 metre line to order. There is a tall table in front of the bar and this is where you and the bar staff will exchange money and purchases.

Until further notice, the clubhouse now has a limited capacity of 16 seats. If all seats are full then you must take a seat outside of the club, until a seat is vacated.
After being served at the bar, and if staying inside the clubhouse, all members must sit down. Standing up in the clubhouse is not permitted. This allows the clubhouse to maintain its 16 seat capacity. Note: If someone has just vacated the table, please wait for it to be sanitised before sitting down

There is no change in toilet facilities: the upstairs toilet is open for those using the bar and playing squash, the downstairs toilet in the ladies changing room is available to all those playing tennis.

The clubhouse surfaces will be cleaned at opening and closing of the bar and when a table is vacated.

We must emphasise that these are the Government guidelines, and,  if not adhered to strictly, will result in the closure of the clubhouse.

Many thanks and keep well and safe all.

Any queries contact Justin at bar@swanseatennisandsquashclub.com


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